Jaybee Productions presents a brand new video content marketing service to enable businesses, promoters, proprietors, or anyone else to easily order affordable video marketing promotional videos.

We produce unique, high quality, cost effective videos to help to connect with your audience such as followers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter

It's a simple three step process; book a date and time on the form below; pay online via PayPal; accomodate us for a three hour filming period... and we'll create a thumb stopping promo video for you to share with your audience!

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What's included?

  • Capturing your action

    Filming at your location for up to 3 hours, using a variety of cinematic shots, such as; stabilised, soft focus, slo-mo, dolly, jib, low light.

  • Creative editing & grading

    Good captures are essential, but the edit and colour grade is where the magic happens. Suitable pacing and flow will be determined by the subject matter.

  • Free Soundtrack

    To help tell your story, a high quality piece of music will be offered. If you'd prefer, you can choose to supply a rights cleared piece of music.

  • Ready to share

    Videos are delivered in Full HD widescreen (16:9). Optionally; mobile optimised widescreen (18:9); or Instagram optimised square (1:1), or vertical (9:16).

Footage shown shot by Jamie Brightmore ©2020

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Booking enquiry...

How does this work?

To book a project, simply fill in the form below with your details and preferences. Exact booking dates and times are preferable, but can always be changed if required. If we are already booked on the date you require, please note this in the enquiry and we'll try our best to accomodate you.

If someone else will need to be the primary contact for filming at the location, please provide a Liaison name and Phone number.

Please take 2 minutes to read the terms and conditions which contain important info about this service.

What if I want options?

Perhaps you have extra requirements such as; needing your promo to have a longer duration; or to have interviews / talking heads; or multiple cameras for live gigs; or maybe even some specialised shots like drone or timelapse footage. Almost anything can be arranged, just let us know what you need.

If you know what extra requirements you need, select 'Yes' for Require Options? then provide the details in the notes field and you'll get a custom quote via email.

If you're not sure, select 'Maybe' and detail your enquiry to allow us to explore some options with you. It may be necessary to have a few email exchanges, but please feel free to ask as many questions as you like in the Notes field.

When is payment due?

There is no obligation to pay if you change your mind after sending the form. If no additional options are required, and you are happy with the default package, the standard fixed payment should be made in order to finalise the booking.

You will receive an email (the sender address should be from server@featurious.uk) confirming your booking request which will contain a link to pay securely. The final value includes a 2.9% PayPal handling fee.


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